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The world around us is digitalizing ever so quickly. Irrelevant of which institute you run, whether it’s a school, madrasa, college or university, you need to be tech-savvy on a minimal level in order to keep your institute running. Bangladesh is not so behind when it comes to this digital race. As a small country, home to over 160 million people, Bangladesh’s path to digitalization is faster than ever before! Education is being offered for children, teenagers and adults across the country, home to home with so many school management software. Literacy rates are the highest they have ever been for this luscious green, over-populated country.
Schools, colleges and universities in Bangladesh are training teachers or faculty members to become better educationalists and education standards are continuously on the rise. Brilliant minds are being developed and some pretty amazing work can be seen coming out of Bangla-land, whether on the infrastructure front, industry front or educational front.
In line with advancement in the educational sector, digital schools in Bangladesh have been on the rise. School management software is one of the reason of it. Traditional madrasas are also catching up. Digital madrasas in Bangladesh or Bangladeshi digital madrasas are also on the rise and will soon become the norm. We are more than likely to see even greater initiatives to start digital schools all around the country and this is only possible if school management software is use in educational system. Urban cities, suburbs, districts to small villages, will all see the effect of this race to get Bangladesh ahead.
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software in Bangladesh would help create a school/madrasa/college/university automation system that would not only help the country digitalize at a faster pace, it would also help institutes keep track of matters related to their employees and students. In previous days some of the school management software is built.
Doptori is comprehensive ERP school management software that we designed at Rosoborn Technology. We offer you the ability to bring all of your paperwork from hard copy form to soft copy. Manage pretty much everything about your school through a screen, with simple clicks. You can control who has access and who doesn’t; log in through a computer or mobile phone. With Doptori, smooth running is what it’s all about.
Doptori, as school/madrasa/college/university management software, offers you the following features and more:
• Administration & HR Management
• Admission
• Attendance
• Create exams and results management
• Payroll
• Accounts
• Fees Management
• Inventory Management
• Profiles of student and staff management system
• Cloud security
Doptori is created to develop with businesses as they grow and so streamline mission-critical processes. In effect, this allows a business to continue focusing on what they do best and react to new market opportunities promptly and confidently.

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