Formulating a Creative Process

While many people like to see creativity as an enigmatic process, researchers tend to agree that there are clear values at work, such as a clear definition of the problem, knowledge and practice in a specific field, crossing domains and persistence.

Formulating a creative process:

Intent Development:

Every creative act begins with a goal. Whether it’s a marketer who tries to solve a business goal, a designer who works with a specific brief or an artist who wants to express a distinct idea or feeling. We establish the constraints under which creativity thrives through the formation of intentions.

The process of intention formation is inherently human. Some things machines will never do: they will never play a league game, fall in love, break their hearts or raise a family. Our desires and desires arise from human experience.

The Domain Search:

All great artists— or anyone else who is good at all — are students of their craft. By examining their domain thoroughly, they become aware of various techniques, alternative approaches and philosophies. The bigger the creative toolbox, the bigger the chance for creative excellence.

Picasso’s encounter with African art, which led him to pioneer cubism and marked a turning point in his career, is a particularly well-known and well-studied example of the advantages of the domain. His later work, combining European and African styles, set the art world a new course.

Combination of Hierarchies:

Truly revolutionary creative acts come from the synthesis of different fields, as Picasso did with African and European art or Darwin by combining economic, geological and biological insights into his theory of natural selection.

The idea of combination is prominent in research on the psychology of creativity, such as the discussion of creative flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the concept of strange loops by Douglas Hofstadter. Innovation is primarily the art of mixing.

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