Benefits of creating Customer Newsletter

A newsletter is a printed report containing news (information) about the activities of a company (legal name; business subscription model) or an organization (agencies, companies, associations) which is regularly sent by mail to all its members, customers, workers or interested persons.

Since every businessman knows, existing customer relationships are much easier and cheaper to nurture than new ones. Because you already know and trust your current customers. Newsletters are an excellent tool for strengthening these valuable relations.

Advertise without Sales

A newsletter’s intent is simple–to notify and update customers about recent events in your company and industry. Each organization has useful and interesting information to share with its customers. Have you added a new product / service, for example, or received a notable recognition? Are there significant moments, patterns or suggestions you would like to share?

By making people aware through a regular newsletter, you strengthen the credibility of your company and remain constantly fresh in the minds of your customers. A newsletter helps your company to be promoted in a precise and structured way. Please remember that this does not represent the same function as a brochure, so this is not really the place for fancy branding or sales marketing hype. So alternatively, bring attention by offering your customers with interesting and relevant content.

The Persistence of Print

Newsletters sent via email are very common these days, but many businesses and organizations prefer a printed copy to be distributed. In fact, a printed copy has many advantages over its electronic cousin. A printed copy is portable so that it can be read and easily transmitted anywhere. It also comes as a highly visible piece, not as a single line on a cluttered screen, which can easily be overlooked and deleted.

And since it exists in material form, a printed newsletter is not dismissed quickly. Printed newsletters seem to last for a while, which can distinguish your organization… and improve the chances of sparking a vivid heading or jazzy title in your customer’s memory. Printed newsletters also show constancy, stability and trust (the number of scammers or fly-by-night companies after all).

Easy to design

Since a newsletter is seen as a publication rather than a promotional piece, it usually contains simpler design elements than a brochure or catalogue. And because you relay concise bits of information, it’s usually very easy to write content. A newsletter must not be long, but it should be distributed at frequent intervals such as monthly or quarterly intervals. In order to retain a fresh yet lasting existence, it is better to send less information more often than more information less often. Moreover, images are highly recommended because they provide more illustrative content and otherwise prevent plain text blocks from decreasing readership. Full color is ideal, but simple color combinations and even gray scale will help make pictures and designs look pretty attractive. Most newsletters can even be designed to standardize their distribution as automatic mailers.

Formax manages the publishing and mailing of newsletters for a number of companies and organisations. If you need help with a new or existing newsletter campaign, please contact us. We can make the whole process easier and cheaper for you in most cases.

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